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The East London Hotel Key Recycling Initiative

We have all heard about the damage plastic is doing to our oceans earth and environment. New studies find plastic pollution is so inescapable on many beaches that it’s affecting so much of the natural habitats. Hundreds of thousands of animals and wildlife swallow plastic every year. For the last half-century, plastic has become an integral part of our daily life. From furniture to shopping bags, from car parts to toys, plastic is an unavoidable part of our lives in a variety of forms. However, from being regarded as a very vital presence in the contemporary world, plastic has now come to be looked upon as a material of gigantic potential devastation and destruction.

At The East London Hotel, we have decided to take some proactive steps to reduce the plastics we are using.

One of our initiatives is we are encouraging our guests to use their smartphones as their room keys instead of the usual plastic key cards to open the doors to their rooms, to reduce the amount of plastic being used in unnecessary room cards.

In addition to this – every key card that is used and returned to the hotel, we donate 5p to charity. As of June 2019, we have donated 452.75 to charity just from this initiative of people handing back their room key on check out.